Our store started in 2013, looks can be deceiving when you see the store from the outside.  Upon entering our store most visitors are taken aback with the sheer size of our interior – the largest Antiques store along the Garden Route.

The essence of our Antiques store will always be about people and how they live.  It is about the history of what makes for an attractive, meaningful environment, not about fashion of what is in or out.  Antiques are the silent ambassador of your home.

Antique lovers do not mind chipped, old or if it is faded, rusty or worn.  Just love the story behind it, the history within and the patina on it.  Everything is inspired by history. Not only are antiques a great investment, they are beautiful and they never “date”.

We aim to please Antique lovers.  We always have something that will inspire you or take you back in time.  We have a relaxing mood in store for the casual stroll with music to soothe the soul.  There are lessons to learn for the younger generation.  Our friendly staff will assist you.